Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well That's What I Heard

Popular Mechanics does yoemans work to debunk many of the myths of Hurricane Katrina.

Later in the series PM proposes solutions to the defective levees as well as explains the genesis of the inadequate design of the floodwalls.
After Betsy, the plan was expanded to include gates on two of the four drainage canals that slice into the city from Pontchartrain (two of which breached their floodwalls after Katrina). But, environmental groups objected to the impact that the Pontchartrain floodgates might have on wildlife and wetlands. The Sewer and Water Board of New Orleans vetoed gates on the canals. So the Corps instead built higher levees and floodwalls.
Read the whole thing.

T-walls incorporate double foundations for stability and concrete skirts
to prevent scouring of earthen levees. DIAGRAM BY BLANDDESIGNS


Nick said...

I read that PM article this morning, shooting down many of the myths that we've been fed. It was a very good article and hopefully many of our citizens will read that issue.

Kinch said...

Don't expect much coverage from the MSM.

Nick said...

Well, no, I'm not. Of course, an engineering publication is way too complicated for the media or politicians to understand. I was in civil engineering for 2 years of college before opting for petroleum land management, so I'm able to understand most of what is published in engineering and surveying magazines. Architecture would probably have me confused as hell though!