Monday, February 27, 2006

By The Numbers

The compiles the numbers on how Katrina affected Louisiana.

  • POPULATION: An estimated 189,000 New Orleans residents have returned, compared with around 500,000 pre-Katrina.
  • DEATHS: 1,080 in Louisiana.
  • MISSING: Nearly 2,000 listed as missing by the Find Family National Call Center.
  • DESTROYED HOUSES: More than 215,000. Total housing units lost, including apartments, is 1,847,181.
  • DEBRIS: Katrina created 60.3 million cubic yards; 32.1 million cubic yards had been removed as of February.
  • BUSINESSES: Of 81,000 impacted businesses, 42,000 have fully reopened; 18,700 were destroyed.
  • TAX REVENUE: $549 million lost (including gambling, sales and income taxes.)
  • SCHOOLS: More than 835 schools damaged statewide. Only 20 out of 128 public schools have reopened in New Orleans; 83,821 of 244,608 college students statewide were displaced. Of the displaced college students, only 16,480 have re-enrolled in state.
  • JOBS: More than 220,000 jobs lost.
  • WETLANDS: More than 100 square miles of wetland destroyed by storm surge.
  • HOSPITALS: Katrina closed eight of 16 hospitals in the New Orleans’ area, reducing the number of hospital beds from 4,083 to 1,760.
  • ELECTRICITY: A total of 189,000 households and businesses received electricity from Entergy New Orleans pre-Katrina, compared with between 65,000 to 70,000 today.
  • GAS: A total of 145,000 customers in New Orleans received natural gas service from Entergy New Orleans before Katrina. Between 40,000 to 45,000 are using the service today.
  • ESTIMATED DAMAGE TO POWER INFRASTRUCTURE: $275 million in infrastructure repairs in New Orleans.
Keep in mind that this does not include the damage done by Hurricane Rita.

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