Sunday, February 26, 2006

Let's Dance

Many residents of flooded-out neighborhoods are unhappy about the lack of effort to restore their homes after Katrina. But some are understadably in a waiting game with the government.

...those who sit tight as they hope for a buyout or demolition program are quite logical: "They are doing something. They are conserving their resources and waiting for the government to do something."
On the other hand...
...owners should, if they are able, quickly take steps to clean up and secure their properties -- in a good-neighbor spirit.
This all goes back to my earlier arguments that state and local governments need to get on the ball and make a decision but everyone is waiting on someone else.

Homeowners are waiting on local government to decide if they will be allowed to rebuild as well as the amount of the buyout - if there is one. Local governments are waiting to see which areas show signs of revitalization.

The state government is waiting to find out how much money it will get from the federal government before it comes up with a plan on how to give it away to the well connected and the federal government is waiting on a plan from the state to show that such a thing will not happen.

These people are like a bunch of seventh graders at their first dance. The boy is afraid to ask the girl to dance unless he knows she will say yes. The girl is afraid to let the boy know that she would like to dance with him. In the meantime, their parents have their hands in the air saying 'Somebody do something.'

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