Friday, February 24, 2006

Gone Daddy Gone, Barge Is Gone

This barge has been sitting in the Lower Ninth Ward near the levee breach sinch August 29. Now efforts have begun to remove it.

A marine salvage company hired by the vessel's owner, Ingram Barge, used industrial strength inflatable air bags to lift the 200-by-35-foot barge off the ground Thursday and place it on Jourdan Avenue, enabling lawyers, engineers and other experts to examine every inch of the steel.
If it takes six months to remove a barge, how long will it take to kick self-serving politicians out of office?

Another paragraph give us an indication:
The barge's prime role now is as a piece of courtroom evidence, and the salvage crew about to cut it apart must follow a federal judge's order on which pieces will end up in storage, and what will be discarded as scrap, as several post-Katrina lawsuits loom on the docket.
An just to give you an idea of the lengths our leges will go to protect themselves, the first amendment is not even an obsticle; acording to Louisiana Political News Service,
House Bill 23 by Rep. Danny Martiny would penalize ($500 or 6 months in jail) people who criticize elected officials (read, members of the legislature) in a way to affect their vote or actions.
Oh what a woderfull state we live in.

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