Friday, February 17, 2006

A Piece Of The Pie

Rep. Bobby Jindal has reintroduced a measure to Congress to obtain the money the state needs to improve it's diminishing coastline due to energy exploration.

If the bill does pass, Jindal said it could mean an immediate economic boost of $600 million per year for Louisiana until 2010. At the time, the revenue stream would increase to $1 billion per year and continue trending upwards before topping out at $2 billion.
I just hope the money is not spent in the usual manner.

Some people might wonder why the rest of the country should spend taxpayer money to help the state. What they don't realize is the contribution that Louisiana makes to the rest of the country not withstanding Mardi Gras.

I'm sure everyone remembers the gasoline price spike that occured when Katrina shut down numerous refineries, pipelines, and rigs along the Gulf Coast. If Louisiana's oil and gas industry did not exist, you can expect to pay $6/gal. again. And the price that south Louisiana has paid for the rest of the country to have cheap gas is enormous. Only now have we asked that we get our fair share.

For years we enjoyed the good life and didn't care much that we were considered second class citizens. Now, having been through a natural disaster, the magnitued that most Americans cannot fathom, we are simply asking that we get the same deal that other states have when it comes to oil and gas exploration.

Louisianans will long remember those who stood with us and those who have forsaken us.

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Nick said...

This whole situation really burns my butt. We drill holes for exploration all over our state to provide gasoline for Florida's tourists. Yet, Florida "refuses" to allow drilling off of their coast. I don't know why that is possible b/c anything past 10 miles off the coast is FEDERAL waters. And also, that brings up another area where we are getting screwed. Anything within 10 miles of TX's coast is state waters, and therefore, the state receives the oil & gas revenues. FL would get the same deal. However, Louisiana is only allowed 3 miles off of the coast. Therefore, production 7 miles out off of our coast is federal revenue and not state, as would be with other states. It's time that Washington starts giving us our piece of the pie. We wouldn't even need much of the money we're asking for the feds to give us b/c we would get the oil & gas revenue.