Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm Not Paranoid, It's Just That Everyone Is Against Me

Over 500 residents today gathered into the City Council chambers to voice their opposition to the BNOB proposal that flooded communities prove their viability before revitalization is allowed. Civic "leaders" even went as far as to threaten civil disobedience to get their point accross.

While I sympathize with the residents predicement, they are fighting it all the wrong way. The best way to get the rebuilding process going and prevent a government takeover of their neighborhoods of for the residents to start looking forward and begin rebuilding. Even if all they can do is very little. Any signs of progress, no matter how small, will make it that much more difficult for the city of deem a neighborhood unviable. This was suggested in the BNOB proposal as a prerequesite for revitalization.

Whether the residents will take the advice is not certain. What is certain is that shouting threats and weaving
conspiracy theories will get them nowhere.

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