Friday, January 27, 2006

Hit The Road Jack, And Don't You Come Back No More is reporting that 80% of New Orleans blacks do not plan to return.

Professor John R. Logan, in findings released Thursday, determined that if the city's returning population was limited to neighborhoods undamaged by Katrina, half of the white population would not return and 80 percent of the black population would not return.

It has been bandied about since days after Katrina came ashore that New Orleans will be majority white in the future. While that may be true to some extent, it should not be as a result of actions by government entities or officials. This is what got Mayor "Willie Wonka" Nagin in such hot water because many white residents saw themsleves as being not welcome back. So far I have not heard anyone make statements to the effect that blacks should not come back to town. People have said that those who are not willing to work hard to rebuild the city, but they were mostly black.

In my opinion, New Orleans will be a lesser place if a large of portion of the black community does not come back. The culture of New Orleans has been greatly enhanced by their presence and efforts must be made to make sure that presence does not get washed away.

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