Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't Say That!

Interesting quote from Veritas et Venustas:

"This is absolutely remarkable!" he said. "I never thought I'd see such ideas happen in this town in my lifetime. It's simply unbelievable. Here's the case for mixed-use, mixed-income, pedestrian-scale neighborhoods. For light-rail transit, for parks in every neighborhood, for protection of sensitive areas and covering canals for green space." Borah credits Paul Farmer, executive director of the American Planning Association, for telling New Orleans a sober truth Borah's preached for a lifetime: The city's master plan must have the force of law, or under-the-table deals will vitiate all the best development plans. And that's just what the report now recommends: a legally enforceable master plan.

Just don't mention eminent domain.

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