Monday, January 23, 2006

Four Out Of Five Landscape Architects Agree...

The ASLA has issued a statement supporting Bring New Orleans Back Commission’s report.

Apparently the ASLA is in the process of developing maps to allow citizens to make informed decisions.

Citizens deserve to have the best possible information with which to make decisions about how and where to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, critical information gaps exist, but many are working hard right now to fill those gaps. For example, leading landscape architects, architects, engineers, and scientists are developing interactive maps of the Gulf region that will allow citizens and public officials to see first-hand those areas that are most at risk to flooding, hurricane damage, and coastal erosion. The maps will provide factual and objective analysis based on actual data.

This is what most residents have been asking for, information. The problem is, most have not been able to get it in a timely manner and it is hampering the recovery effort big-time.

I just hope the maps are more useful than bird cage liner.


Polimom said...

Kinch - I agree totally. The information gaps are causing an astounding number of problems.

And I think it's great that the ASLA is "developing interactive maps". I can't help but wonder when they will be ready, and how widely available.

Great blog, by the way.

Tim said...

I hope the maps are available soon. People are making decisions right now!

Keep up the very informative blog--I've added a link to my blog.