Saturday, August 26, 2006

A View To A Mill

Tracage condominiums in the Warehouse District is scheduled to begin construction in about 45 days and already they are upsetting the neighboors.

Last week the City Council approved the condos slated for the intersection of John Churchill Chase and Annunciation streets. Opponents say the 24-story building, which falls outside the boundaries of the historic Warehouse District, will ruin the ambiance of a neighborhood consisting mostly of four- to five-story buildings.

Some residents of Lengsfield Lofts on Churchill are also concerned Tracage will block their views.

Joshua Rubenstein, a New Orleans attorney and resident of Lengsfield Lofts, a neighboring condo project, said he is strongly considering suing the city and Tracage.

"I don't think a building of that height is appropriate for the Warehouse District," said Rubenstein, who said the views from his Lengsfield Lofts condo will be totally obscured by Tracage.

My own opinion is that their concern about views and character are overblown. The site of the proposed building is currenly occupied by a couple of non-descript wharehouse buildings that have none of the character that most people associate with the Wharehouse District. And with regard to views, the site is adjacent to the elevated Ponchartrain Expressway and across the street from a recently constructed self-storage facility and no one is complaing about it. In fact, if I had my druthers, I think I would prefer to look at a shiny new tower than a windowless, block-built box of a building .

Also,since the developers are including retail spaces on the first floor, this will bring much needed amenities to this part of the city.

So contrary to its detractors, area residents should stop worrying and learn to love the tower.


Sally said...

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dillyberto said...

We will all learn to love and accept new construction in the city.

If we can get throught the anniversary depression, we will thrive on new construction.

escpecially in the heart of the city...

It gives hope to the entire region.

mominem said...

Do you have a vested interest?

Kinch said...

I no vested interest in this development other than being a New Orleanean.