Monday, March 13, 2006

To Stay Or Not To Stay, That Is The Spray-Paint

Its bad enough that the Corps of Engineers don't know how to build sound levees, but according to the Times-Picayune, the Corps doesn't even know what Live Oak trees can remain around the outflow canals.

In marking the trees for removal two weeks ago, contractors working for the Army Corps of Engineers contended "the roots would damage the levee and they'd have to be removed," Harper said.

The intervention was timely. The trees may still be felled, but for the time being, the orders for their elimination have been declared a glitch, the result of a "miscommunication" between the corps and the contractor who sprayed the X's on the trees, said Victor Landry III, liaison between the corps and the city.

The trees should have been sprayed with white dots, "saying the tree was inventoried and should stay," Landry said.
Maybe we should put this guy in charge of flood protection:

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