Sunday, March 12, 2006

Got Snow?

Sen. Bob Bennett (R) Utah suggested that certain parts of New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt.

Sen. Bob Bennett suggested this week that parts of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans not be rebuilt and that Hurricane Katrina may have been a sign that some neighborhoods - those below sea level - shouldn't exist.
If my high school geography serves me well, certain parts of Utah sit at a pretty high altitude and is subject to frequent snow.

My retort to Sen. Bob; What parts of Salt Lake City should not exist?

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Nick said...

Why would we even bother listening to a moron who is about 1,000 miles away from the problem? New rule: Anyone who has never lived on the Gulf Coast can state any negativity to whether or not people want to rebuild here. Only those who have lived here should be able to considered giving a valid opinion. It's kind of like liberal professors who were nothing but lifetime students & teachers trying to preach that capitalism or tax cuts for businesses doesn't work.