Monday, March 13, 2006

Stop! In The Name Of Modernism

Reed Kroloff

John at Veritas et Venustas gives Reed Kroloff a thorough pen-lashing over Kroloff's opposition to New Urbanism's influence in rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

I've never met Kroloff and don't know his motives, but up until now, he's been extremely effective at keeping New Urbanism out of New Orleans, without offering any real planning himself. He has been outspoken, highly visible (NPR, CNN, USA Today) and quite vitriolic towards New Urbanism. As I've said elsewhere, I think his 15 minutes are about up.
Unfourtunately, Reed Kroloff's views are not unusual in academe:
But where his time is not up is in academy. I missed the day he spoke at Columbia, but the next day at Princeton all the professors who spoke expressed the need to keep New Urbanism out of New Orleans (see here). You can imagine what they're saying to the students. I think our best students are often being narrowly and badly educated, and that's a problem.
An old saying goes, "Lead, follow or get out of the way". Reed Kroloff and his avant garde accolites insists on doing the fourth; standing in the way.

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