Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Slow Can You Go?

The Road Home Program keeps promising to speed the process up, but the results are still unimpressive.

BATON ROUGE — The Road Home program continues to struggle to unspool money in the $7.5-billion homeowner aid program.

With 105,739 applications received to date and 74,571 appointments scheduled or held, officials say they are primed to increase the payout pace.

Benefits have been calculated 34,779 homeowners, which means they can agree to accept the money being offered, but just 532 homeowners have done so, including just 141 in the past week of the 19-week program. That's an average of 28 homeowners being paid per week

At this rate it'll take approximately 314 years to dole out all the money. Maybe I'll enter my pet snail in the next marathon and see who finishes first.

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