Monday, September 25, 2006

Profiles in Design

The AIArchitect does a profile of one of my old college classmates, Trula Remson. I'm glad to see she is doing so well and it doesn't suprise me. She was one of only, I believe, two honors graduates in our class and the first to pass the ARE. All this despite our fifth-year professor saying that women aren't cut out to be architects.

I can also personally attest to her efforts to offer a lifeline to those who lost their homes, their offices, and their firms. A couple of days after Hurricane Katrina struck, I received an email from her suggesting that I contact the local AIA as they were compiling a list of firms willing to hire, either permanently or temporarily, displaced architects. After a handful of phone calls, all made from the mall where I was shopping with my family, I landed a job with a Baton Rouge firm till my current firm was able to establish temporary offices.

Thanks to her efforts and forethought, I never missed a paycheck.

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