Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

The Corps of Engineers today pulled several sheet piles from the 17th Street Canal levee to determine their exact dept. Previous examinations using sonar estimated that the piles were driven only 10' below sea level, 7' short of specified and documented depth.

Todays investigation only raises more questions and would appear to put more of the focus back on the Corps and the engineers. This would pretty much eliminate the contractor from responsibility since it was built to specifications. Now the question will be, why did the Corps approve such an inadequate structure.

Furthermore, this would seem to take local entities out of suspicion when it comes to laying blame for the failure. People in Washington need to look at themselves and not try to blame us for the flooding when deciding who should pay for rebuilding.

The Federal Government promised us a Cat 3 levee system but failed to deliver and now they want us to pay the price.

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