Monday, December 12, 2005

Reed Kroloff Seems Understandably Suspicious

Whitney Gould of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a good article on Congress for the New Urbanism's (CNU) prescription for rebuilding New Orleans. I agree with Mr. Kroloff that communities are not imposed from without but grow from within. See my earlier post here.


"...I'm not sure that people in southern Mississippi, who are just trying to put their lives back together, are interested in building 'cutting edge,' iconic houses." says Mr. Kroloff.

Typical of dogooders around the globe, CNU may have some good ideas they but need to temper their enthusiam for activism and allow the people most affected by disaster to get on with their lives as best they can and do what needs to be done to bring back some sense of normallcy.

Ultimately it will be the people of the Gulf Coast who will decide what and how to rebuild for it is their community that will be re-created, not CNU's.

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