Friday, April 21, 2006

I Got That Empty Feeling In The Pitt Of My City

Actor Brad Pitt has played many roles in his short career. But never an architect; untill now. Only this time it wont be on the big screen.

On April 19th Brad Pitt and Global Green USA announced the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans Neighborhoods. The competition launched to act as a catalyst for sustainable design in the rebuilding process.
If Hurricane Katrina wasn't bad enough, New Orleans is now being victimized by any number of activists looking to advance their own persona on the backs of storm victims.

My advice to Mr. Pitt, keep following Anjolina around like a lost puppy and leave the rebuilding to locals and professionals who actually care about New Orleans.

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we saw that... said...

lmfao@your title. and heartily agree with your post.